Codan 8525 & 8528 Mod's

The famous Codan 8528 Local. Probably one of the nost versatile radios

ever built.


Using the 8528 Phone Option

Using the Scan Band Option Scanning between 2 frequencies........

8528 Special keypad functions  

Serial Numbers & Models Vs Types what model do i have...?

How Codan Derive Radio Model Number's  

LSB Option

8525A  Local Display

8525B  Local Display

8528 Backlight Repairs in a Local

8528  Backlight Repairs in a Remote

Microprocessor  Board Variations

PA Board Variations

Talk Power Mod

Options A  Amateur Bands

Option M  Morse Key

Phantom problems and Regulator Faults 

Option SN (Done in software) For use with 8511 Selective calling unit to display the scan channel number.  NB:  SN = Scan Number

Low Power Option above 24Mhz.

Microphone Diagram & Listening mod

Option VPD Microphone socket mod for using multimedia headset, listen and talk requires options PH, VPD.

Option LF  1.6 to 2Mhz Receive at 0.25uV Sensitivity.

Option PS  External Selective Call Interface.

Option PH 6.5mm Headphone socket mounted on the front panel near the mic socket.

Option PP




Options & Codes