Codan Serial Numbers & Model Types

How to identify what radio you have.

Serial numbers on the plates pop riveted to the back of the PA's give you the make and model and serial number of the radio.


AXXXX  "A" denotes  band capability 1.8 - 18Mhz  eg 8525A

BXXXX  "B" denotes band capability  1.8 - 24Mhz  eg 8525B or  8528, (Caution 8727 has 2 different model PA's both with different bandwidths).


The model number alone gives you the year and version of the model radio. eg. 8525 1985mfg date & version 25.

Some examples below.


7727 B, C, TB

8727 A or B



8525S (Marine)


8528S (Marine)




                         8525A  A2626 late model


                       8525A  A0408 Early model


                                  8525B  B6096


                   8525B Head model 8530 B3920


                               8528   B4814


                                8727   B3095