Using the 8528 Phone Option



NOTE:- Once you have enabled the phone option you dont need to re-enable it each time the set is turned off

or removed from power, it "should" remain in memory. To use this function you will need an Eprom revision of

4.1 or higher. Prior to 4.1 the front panel link will have to be removed before commencing procedure.

see section 4 of you manual.



Step1. press and hold 3 button and turn radio on.

Step2. pressing the 3 button will toggle "phone on/off".

Step3. once set press the enter button, this sets the phone mode required.


Note:- once phone mode is enabled memory locations P90 to P99 are used for storing phone numbers.

all previous P channels in those locations will disappear until returned to normal mode, i.e. phone off.

Always refer to User Manual for further instructions. (section 9)