8528 Special Keypad Functions


Power On Self test & Eprom Firmware review

With the radio already on, press and hold the on/off button.

This will cycle through 5 screens showing Eprom firmware & Options.

Below are some examples of different Eprom's & Options.



Selcall Test Mode

With the radio off, press and hold the "2" pad and press the on/off button.

Once the radio has gone through the hello screen quickly press the selcall

mute button. This has now put the radio into selcall test mode, allowing you

to decode other selcall's on any channel even whilst in scan mode.


                                          2 Different versions of Hello Screens on power up.


             Radio in a channel, before next step.


              Radio is now in Selcall Test Mode.


Display Brightness Control

This is simply done by pressing the Recall button twice in quick succession.