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HF SSB Spares & Parts

Codan 8528/8525B/9313/9480 RX Mixer/Dual Synth Board

Replacement 8528 RX Mixer/Dual Synth board(Spares).


Selcall board Module to suit Barrett SB 250

Upgrade your 250 with this selcall board


Codan 9323/9360 IF Circuit board

Replacement IF board-Tested


Codan 9323/9360 Processor Circuit board

Replacement Processor board-Tested


EX WA Police Barrett 250 upgrade kit

Turn that useless ex WA police radio into a fully operational BC250 with selcall/telcall.


Codan 9323/9360 RF PA Circuit board

Replacement RF PA board-Tested


Microphone - Codan 9323/9360/9780/9390

New keypad Mic to suit the above Codan models.


Codan 9360 Transceiver-Main Box only.

Spare Codan 9360 main control box-Workshop tested.


Codan 9323 Transceiver-Main Box only.

Spare Codan 9323 main control box-Workshop tested.


2x SB250 marine package



Australian HF Radio Networks


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download  VKS-737

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