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Codan 9360 Transceiver-Main Box only. Spare Codan 9360 main control box-Workshop tested... Product #: sp22 Regular price: $770.00 $770.00

Codan 9360 Transceiver-Main Box only.

Price: $770.00

Codan 9360 HF Transceiver-Main Transmitter box only.
Nothing else supplied-Replacement main box only-You need to supply your own head/Mic/cradle etc.
Pre-programmed with a Standard 4WD pack of frequencies.
Good Clean condition.
30 day back to base warranty.
Why wait to get your radio repaired-This is in stock, ready to post.
You will need to tell me what version firmware your remote head has fitted before shipping.
This is the export model of the 9xxx series-International Customers Only
125W PEP output-USB/LSB-2.25-30Mhz, TXE option .

Selcall / Telcall etc...International customers only

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