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Codan Envoy X2 SDR HF Transceiver / 3040 Antenna Package Complete Codan Envoy X2 HF Radio / 3040 Automatic Antenna  with Digital Voice   Special price 40-50.. Product #: Envoy X2

Codan Envoy X2 SDR HF Transceiver / 3040 Antenna Package

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Full Codan Envoy X2 / 3040 Aerial Pack with Digital Voice and ALE options   -  40-50% off for a short time only

       Mobile Envoy X2 SDR Transceiver / 3040Autotuner System.

  • Compact all in one handset user interface
  • 1200 Baud Digital voice and ALE options included
  • GPS Software as standard option
  • Latest Firmware installed 
  • Compatible with Australian selcall and direct dial telcall access protocols
  • Can be configured for single or multiple Australian network operation
  • Compact 3040 antenna tuner with two piece whip
  • 1 year dealer warranty
  • Note: These systems are "New Old stock". This means although they are New/Unused, they have been sitting in their original boxes on a storeroom shelf for a short while



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